Kim Sayre | Photographic Artist

I became a wedding photographer in 2002 because I love every single detail and sweet moment on a wedding day, and even the crazy ones.

Then I became a portrait photographer, because I loved so many of the people in the families that were created as a result of those weddings, and I wanted to keep track of them. I believe that a family isn’t formed just a result of a specific action and reaction… I have photographed many families who came together in many ways - the open adoption process, surrogacy, and other ways people bond together in community!

Beauty is everywhere I look:

a touch, a kiss, a sigh, a tear, hands, hearts, faces, something old and broken, a brand new human, randomly occurring furniture in nature… I see beauty through my camera’s lens and through the lens of my heart. The resulting images are that instant where my journey in this life - struggles, joy, pain and rejoicing - intersects with yours. We create these images together. For all time. It’s magical, and I thank you for crossing my path…