Grass Valley Children's Portraits Fundraiser for Alta Sierra Elementary School

There are some amazing women in my life... Women who inspire me and make be better! My friend Lori is one of those women. Sometimes I wonder if she is actually an alien because logic defies how much she is able to accomplish in a day. And she has ideas... like this one:


She said, "What if we make a custom ABC book with portraits of the kiddos and put it in the school fundraiser auction?" and on a very rainy day with her sweet baby Ava on her hip, she wrangled her son's whole class into portrait sessions, and then it was my turn! I took the images and wrangled them (well, these kids are in kindergarten, so how much retouching could they need?) and designed the book, and sent it off to be printed! Word has it that it will be one of the most hotly contested items in the auction... I mean, what parent wouldn't want one of these??? We love our school so much, and this is their biggest fundraiser of the year! I hope this brings in top dollar for these sweet kiddos and their class!