One of the prettiest flowers in the garden - Baby's first year!

Baby's First Year of Portraits

Everyone who knows me, knows I love babies. Josh tells me I am crazy for them, and he is right! I did photograph him often during his first year, but nothing compares to the time I have spent photographing Ava in my studio. She is the princess of so many of Lori's friends dreams. I am sure several of us would have given her a pony at the baby shower if we could have... (and a Cinderella pumpkin coach for them to pull her around in style!) Anyway, her birthday approaches... 

She is such a happy child who loves music, her brothers, and especially her mama. I am so lucky to be her "Auntie Kim!" Lori makes the most adorable outfits for her, and I cherish our time in the studio! What's going to happen when she starts walking??? Thanks Lori (and the rest of the family!) for sharing your princess with us all!