The highest form of compliment!! My youngest daughter is getting married...

And when it came time to book a photographer, of course, all I could think of was you! Warms my heart to know how many referrals I gratefully receive from my dearest clients! I remember Susan's older daughter, Kimberly's wedding like it was yesterday... She and Derek got married at Ramekins in Sonoma. That's where Ray and I got married... It was a little chilly that day, and sprinkles fell off and on, and it was a bit cloudy. Then, during the ceremony at a pivotal moment, the sun shined through... We all cried joyful tears! So excited to photograph another Hanson wedding in Napa next year! Feels like family... 

Kimberly and Derek at Ramekins...

Kimberly and Derek at Ramekins...

Make a statement with your own Personal Branding Session!

Coach Kelly Scott of Empower Fit

One of the biggest buzzwords of the new year is branding! Communicating who you are, what you do, and what your customer will experience is a message you have to get across immediately in these web and channel surfing times! You know that old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words...?" Well, that's where I can help! My client (who has since become a cherished friend as well!) is launching her new fitness brand, and @coachkellyscott came to me for photos that show how she can help busy professionals make time and space for fitness and good nutrition in their lives. Kelly teaches bootcamps in the real world using some of the most beautiful park locations in the Bay Area to keep her campers challenged! We met up on a rainy turned sunny Saturday, and created images and a promo video to catch a glimpse of Kelly in her element training, at home with her husband Kevin and their dog, Bodie, and ready to celebrate her 40th birthday! My amazing hair and make up artist, Heather Sanderson, (@hairby_heather_a) styled Kelly from fresh and fit, to night time glam, and the weather cooperated perfectly, except for a little chill... Here's a sneak peek! Check back soon for the entire gallery and video!

Contemporary Portraits - The Importance of Play

Springtime always brings out the need in my creative soul to make something fun and fantastic. I have such amazingly talented collaborators, and when we get going on an idea, we all run around with our hair on fire to do a styled shoot that shows off what we do! This image is the result of the genius talents of Lisa Harter, Heather Sanderson and our cotton candy haired model Arame Layne! Freezing temperatures, rain all day, smoke bombs and a killer location, The Stonehouse, in Nevada City added up to such an amazing session! A year later, I layered a really cool texture over top of it, and I love it all over again! 

I always love a fantastic team to create with! Thanks as always to my girls at Blush Salon Grass Valley for being such an inspiration. 

Grass Valley Newborn Portraits - Brand new babies are magical!

"For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you..." 

I love it when I get to capture that brand new baby in his first week!! Thanks so much for sharing him with me! I can not get enough of that baby sweetness... My mom and I have been crocheting cute things for baby photos for about a year now... I love the organic look of textures and fabrics combined with the sweet perfection of a tiny new person with his whole life ahead!

Grass Valley Children's Portraits Fundraiser for Alta Sierra Elementary School

There are some amazing women in my life... Women who inspire me and make be better! My friend Lori is one of those women. Sometimes I wonder if she is actually an alien because logic defies how much she is able to accomplish in a day. And she has ideas... like this one:


She said, "What if we make a custom ABC book with portraits of the kiddos and put it in the school fundraiser auction?" and on a very rainy day with her sweet baby Ava on her hip, she wrangled her son's whole class into portrait sessions, and then it was my turn! I took the images and wrangled them (well, these kids are in kindergarten, so how much retouching could they need?) and designed the book, and sent it off to be printed! Word has it that it will be one of the most hotly contested items in the auction... I mean, what parent wouldn't want one of these??? We love our school so much, and this is their biggest fundraiser of the year! I hope this brings in top dollar for these sweet kiddos and their class!


2017 is such an amazing year already!!! Officially Kim Sayre Photography!

Wow, so many milestones marked recently... my little boy turned 10, my business turned 15, and I have a new website that I am so proud to share! I have been known in the photography world for the past 15 years as Mill Cottage Photography, and the story of it has always made me smile. You see the Mill Cottage is a real place at the Jenner River Inn (now called the Waterfall Cottage) where my own love story with my sweet husband Ray took some deep roots... we vacationed there often, and felt such great creativity and energy there, and it's where he really felt the pull to ask me to be his wife... My old logo was a picture of the actual sign from there, and we spent the first week of our honeymoon there. It stings a little that they have renovated it, and its name is now changed... So, a time for change I guess!

So time to start trading under my own name... exciting!! So many new things going on in my business, new portrait offerings, including personal branding! Still doing a few select weddings, and working in Grass Valley and San Francisco in tandem! We love our new home in the Sierra Foothills, still feel our connection to the Bay Area, and are there often! All good things! 

Silly Sayre family in Grass Valley... the adventures continue

Silly Sayre family in Grass Valley... the adventures continue

Welcome to my space…

"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them." ~ Elliott Erwitt

Like all things in my life, this new website has been a labor of love, and feels like baking a gooey pan of brownies in someone else’s kitchen. Unlike every other website I have ever made where I forced myself to do everything, this one had a professional doing the dirty work while I scoured through images from the past 15 years as a professional photographer, and tried to find some that will speak to your heart about who I am, and how much I love photographing interesting people and things.  

Polly's Paladar - Nevada City private Supper Club

Polly's Paladar - Nevada City private Supper Club

Beauty is everywhere I look: a touch, a kiss, a sigh, a tear, hands, hearts, faces, randomly occurring furniture in nature, something old and broken, a brand new human… I see beauty through my camera’s lens and through the lens of my heart. The resulting images are that instant where my journey in this life - struggles, joy, pain and rejoicing - intersect with the paths of my subjects. We create these images together. For all time. It’s magical, and I thank you for crossing my path…